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Who are we?

We are kalipolis

We are experienced licensed guides and offer tailor-made tours with priority access. On our customised visits you will taste the essence of the unique city of Barcelona and the astonishing Catalonia region.


I was born in Lleida, one of the oldest towns in Catalonia, but I moved to Barcelona to study Translation and Interpretation at the University and I never ended up leaving the city. My passion has always been travelling, so I worked as a guide in Scandinavia and Russia. However, I have never forgotten my passion for literature and languages. 15 years ago, I passed my exam to become a Licensed Guide in Catalonia.

My Barcelona and Catalonia

I love strolling around the narrow, maze-like streets of the Gothic Quarter in Barcelona, in particular the area around Sant Felip Neri square and the old Jewish quarter. We can find so much history in those stones! And I like digging into our past: not only medieval times, but also into our recent history, such as the Civil War. If you listen to the silence, you can almost hear the sounds of the bombs that fell from the sky in 1938. Now the children play in the shade of the trees, unaware of this tragic past.

My favourite artist is Joan Miró, with whom I identify. Sometimes one line incarnates the origin of creation. His sculptures, with their organic form, search for a dialogue with nature, and, in one word, roots.

My dream

To live in one of the Greek islands!


When I was 7, I wanted to become a teacher, and this is what I do now: I try to pass on my knowledge about Barcelona and Catalonia. At the same time, I want to awaken your curiosity and enthusiasm, even surprise you, and make sure you feel like you want to keep on learning after our visit.
With a background in Romance Philology (French-Spanish) as well as in Communication Science, and having been organising international congresses and (sports) events for 30 years, I have travelled extensively worldwide, both on business trips and backpacking. Hailing from Belgium and based in Barcelona for over 20 years, this has given me an in-depth knowledge of dealing with persons and situations with a different geographical, cultural and social background. To relax, I just love skiing, hiking and art-house cinema.

My Barcelona and Catalonia

As a Licensed Guide in Catalonia for the last 15 years, I believe it is fascinating to learn about all the different faces of Barcelona and Catalonia over the past 2000 years, in order to have a better comprehension of its here and now. Connecting with people from different backgrounds and with what moves every one of them makes me happy; be it in an elegant modernist building, a grubby but historical café, enjoying a striking view high above the city, during a stimulating discussion on an idyllic square or at an authentic food market, with kids or teenagers or on a bike.

My dream

I want to keep on exploring the world, learning and sharing my knowledge and experiences, and hopefully make a difference.

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Policy during the Covid-19 pandemic

Although the situation currently appears to be improving, we believe that present conditions still require specific safety measures during your visit. At the same time, we understand that many are facing uncertainty when making travel plans. With this in mind, we apply flexible cancellation terms. Health, both yours and ours, is a priority.

We have introduced additional measures to ensure you feel safe when visiting with us.  Below are steps we will be undertaking to enhance hygiene standards and take into consideration the social distancing aspect in this new era of travel:

  • Guides and participants will always wear facemasks inside buildings and on transport. They are not obligatory anymore outside, but we strongly advise to wear them in crowded places.
  • We offer hand sanitizer.
  • The social distance of 1m50 will always be respected.
  • Guides will be using radio-guides and we provide listening devices with single-use headphones (you may also bring your own).
  • As we only offer private tours, you will not be sharing visits with strangers, thus allowing you to feel more comfortable.
  • We comply with all restrictions currently in force in Catalonia, and will also make sure to avoid crowds and highly frequented places.

Due to the exceptional situation worldwide, we now offer flexible cancellation terms. You can cancel your tour for free up to 24 hours before the start time.